B2B e-Commerce Platform for Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Other Companies Leveraging Business-to-Business Model

online store
online store

Automate up to 75% of tasks performed by your team

by implementing SaaS based eCommerce B2B platform

CStore is a SaaS (Software-as-Service) platform built from the ground up to enable wide range of businesses engaging in B2B activities to quickly establish highly customized online eCommerce presence. Software is designed with emphasis on automation of sales processes through integration with ERP, WMS and other back-end applications.

Deployment of CStore solution will enable your sales and back office teams to free up to 75% of their capacity by eliminating repetitive tasks, automated by thesystem.

  • Online orders

    Do you currently process online B2B or B2C orders without the need for telephone / e-mail contact with the customer?

  • Sales documents

    Are sales documents issued automatically and sent to the customers?

  • Online visibility

    Is your online offer visible to potential customers via digital channels, including search engines, comparison websites, web marketplaces, etc...??

  • Inventory lookup

    Do your customers have access to real-time inventory in your store, warehouses and affiliated suppliers?

Optimize your team’s workload

We are well aware howimportant for you is the timewhich your team spends handling online orders. Manual processing doesn’t just indicate inefficiency, it negatively impacts customers’ experience, especially affecting those expecting seamless digital journey

During the implementation and post-deployment support,we put emphasis on the automation of the processes supporting B2B transactions.We aim to provide your clients with true self-service experience, while saving time, increasing profits and eliminating human errors made by employees

CStore has been designing, deploying and hosting eCommerce software solutions for 16 years and has completed over 700 projects . Cargill, a US based company employing 160,000 people globally, is one of our biggest clients, leveraging CStore B2B platform supporting their wholesale operations

Calypso, another customer of CStore, leverages our B2B platform to automatically processes over 7,000 transactions daily

Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve results you are aiming for.

We design, build, customize, support and host our eCommerce B2B andB2C platforms, which gives us unparalleled focus on the productcombined with endless customization and integration capabilities. Theend-to-end ownership of the product lifecycle positions CStoreexceptionally well to serve needs of companies of any size, regardlessof whether you are just starting out, or already servicing thousands oftransactions.
I look forward to working with you!

I look forward to working with you

David Paszek, President of the Management Board.

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Paul Seroczynski

Paweł Seroczyński

"I would like to recommend CStore as professional and trustworthy technology partner in the field of online ecommerce platforms. We have been cooperating with the company since 2015. The CStore software automates sales process and contributes significantly to saving our time"


Wojtek Trzmielewski - Calypso

Wojtek Trzmielewski

"CStore has provided and developed for us a comprehensive online sales platform, integrated with our internal back-end systems. Thousands of transactions are successfully processed on a daily basis. We have been working together since 2013. I recommend their solution"


Luke Pyrc - Plusgum

Łukasz Pyrc

"Our cooperation began in 2013 and continues to this day. As a business owner, I would like to recommend services provided by CStore. Professionalism and their commitment to the flawless implementation deserve special appreciation. I am recommending their services to other prospectcustomers."


Kamil Wisniewski - Monument9

Kamil Wisniewski

"The CStore company has been supporting Monument9 since 2015, mainly helping us maintain our online warehouse. We recommend implementing ecommerce store leveraging their solution."


Denis Lukiyanov - Blue Water

Denis Lukiyanov

"CStore demonstrated great flexibility accommodating the scope and the ability to customize the functionality to meet my needs. We have been cooperating since 2013. I am recommending CStore solution to other customers."

Blue Water

Peter Sedziak - Saga Auto

Peter Sędziak

"A professional e-commerce solution, an extensive dedicated product search engine and full integration with our financial and warehouse management platforms. The online store has been fully customized to reflect the uniqueness of our industry. Thank you!"

Saga Auto


Launching an online store is an individual process. It depends on whether we decide to create an online store using a platform that offers ready-made solutions, or whether we ask for help from programmers who will create such a store for us, based on our needs and requirements. The simplest stores included in the B2B Start / Pro packages are launched within two working days. More complex stores require much more time. Therefore, the most important thing is to analyze each of the available options and choose the fastest and at the same time the most profitable for us.

When answering this question, it should be noted at the outset that cooperation with individual clients and companies differs significantly. B2B and B2C are so-called types of relationships that involve various types of transactions. An important issue of the differences between these two options is the party for which the given order is performed, but the differences can also be found in the scale of the business, costs incurred or the intended purpose of the website.

B2B-business to business - it is most often a closed system designed for companies. Producers, wholesalers and distributors participate in it, and each of them is an important part of the production and distribution of available products. An important information is that purchases in such a system can only be made after our approval by the website administrator. Product prices may vary depending on the customer, and payment requires a more complex system than in B2C. We do not pay here at the time of ordering, but after receiving the invoice, which we pay after agreeing the payment date.

But B2C-business is a customer - it is cooperation with the end customer. In simple terms, anyone can make a purchase in this type of store, it is open to all customers. When you buy a product, you pay exactly the same as other buyers. The payment process itself is significantly different from B2B and is much simpler because we pay for products at the point of sale in cash, by credit or debit card.

Of course, it is possible to order additional, individual modifications in our shop platform, taking into account the expectations and needs of the client. We are also flexible in terms of graphic matching to a given company. The customer is the most important element for us, under which we adjust our actions to satisfy the recipient with the target, finished product. If the ordering person has experience in the topic described, it is also possible to make changes on their own at the level of access to HTML / CSS or JS of the catalog with the template of a given store.

As a reliable company, we also make sure that the software we have at our disposal constantly develops in terms of functionality - we want our clients to work easily, quickly and simply well.

Of course. Taking care of our customers, we will professionally and reliably answer bothering questions, help in choosing the package, its content and adapting it to the needs of the customer. For any information, please contact us at sales@cstoreus.com

Yes, it is possible. Online stores operating on the CStore sales platform include both large systems, carrying out thousands of transactions a day, and smaller specialist stores. Depending on the client's needs, while preparing the offer according to the guidelines provided to us, we adjust our actions to the needs of the client. It is possible to expand the store during its development, the customer decides when and how to develop its business, and CStore follows its expectations, thus extending the possibilities of the store to the customer's expectations.

It is very easy. Just in the main menu, click on the "price list" tab, and then select the product you are interested in. After making the selection, we will see the package options. We choose the one that interests us and click "order". On the website, we have included information about the price for the service and the duration of the service, which should also help in choosing the right offer. Detailed information can be obtained by going to the Price list of the B2B wholesale platform.

Yes, it is possible to test the online store for free for 14 days. Testing takes place without any restrictions or obligations. The test online store is a fully functional software that we install on our servers individually for each client who wants to see our offer. To use this option, go to the Demo version page, fill in the data in the form and order a 14-day trial version of the online store. If the customer decides to buy it after testing the store, we offer the option to keep all changes made to the store that the customer made during the product testing for a free period.

CStore also offers a solution for companies looking for non-standard solutions in the form of matching the software of a given store. In order to evaluate changes in the online store, please contact us by completing the form on the website above.

Yes, it is possible for us to place the store on the server designated by the customer. However, taking into account the convenience of cooperation and our contribution to the proposed offer, we recommend our clients to use our server infrastructure. We argue for the high availability of the service and the ease of maintaining the efficient operation of the online store. However, if it is a requirement for the customer to be satisfied with the cooperation with CStore, please inform us of such necessity and we will send the server requirements and discuss the detailed terms of the offer, taking into account the customer's requirements.

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