Multistore (several stores – one panel)

We present you a product that allows you to manage online sales through many online stores manager by one administration panel. Support for many stores has never been so easy! We invite you to read the detailed information.

It is possible to run a demo version and an online presentation. We invite you to contact us by phone or email.

Basic information

MultiStore is an add-on to the CStore that allows you to manage multiple online stores in one place. Complete control of products, inventory, sales in one place. Customers and orders are assigned to the selected store. The administrator can set up access for the selected employees to the selected stores with specific permissions, so that one person can have access to, e.g., only two stores, from a database of 15 different stores.

Easy adding of new stores

Adding new stores is just a few mouse clicks away and a new online stor eis available with independent settings.


Each store has individual assortment/category/manufacturer settings. Assigning products to the store takes place in groups – by selecting the categories and manufacturers whose offer we want to place in the selected store.


Full configuration of individual stores

Multistore allows you to set the default configuration which is inherited for other new stores. Each store, except for the basic configuration, can have any own settings.

Each store can have a different graphic design, completely differentiating it from other online stores.

Customers and orders

Each customer and order is assigned to the online store where it was placed so that customers can register their accounts at each store separately.

The administrative panel provides information which store the order comes from.

Access rights

The administrator can create user accounts with access to the administration panel. Each account may have rights to the selected online stores. Accounts can be freely configured, e.g.
– User no. 1 has access to store A and B but only for orders,
– User no. 2 has access to store C (for settings and products),
– User no. 3 has access to all information but only for store A, etc.

Additional information

The MultiStore add-on is available for the CStore 4.4 version and is additionally payable, according to the current price list.
There is the possibility of any customization of MultiStore for an additional fee to your individual needs.
The number of available stores depends on the currently owned license.

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