Basic functions of the store

A list of the most important functinalities for the CStore store software

  1. Statistics
    2. Categories
    3. Manufacturers
    4. Products
    5. Clients
    6. Orders
    7. Menu boxes
    8. Invoices
    9. Advertising banners
    11. Language versions and currencies
    12. Newsletter

  1. Statistics
  • Basic statistics (number of categories, products, manufacturers, customers, orders)
    • Top 50 of the most popular products in the store
    • Last entries to the online store – IP addresses and sources of visits (24 hours), number of general visits (last 7 days)
    • Best customers acc. to shopping
    • Orders reports – sales statistics
    • Sources of orders – percentage/quantity comparison
    • Top 50 most searched phrases by customers in the search engine in the store
    • View of the stored products of the storage by customers
    • Notifications about the availability of products – a preview of products that customers expect from a supplier
  1. Categories
  • Managing categories (adding, deleting, editing), setting the tree
    • Priorities of display
    • Discounts and commissions
    • Category descriptions displayed after entering a given category
    • Pictures of categories displayed in the category list
    • SEO parameters: title, description, keywords
    • Determining the availability of categories in the selected price comparison engines
  1. Manufacturers
  • Manufacturer management (adding, deleting, editing)
    • Discounts and commissions
    • Descriptions of manufacturers, displayed after entering the given manufacturer
    • SEO parameters: title, description, keywords
    • Link to the official website of the manufacturer
    • Adding the manufacturer’s logo
  1. Products
  • Product management (adding, deleting, editing)
    • Product name, category selection (primary and secondary) and manufacturer selection
    • Basic and short description
    • Main and additional photos (downloaded from a disc or link), photos description
    • Basic price and the option of selling the product for free
    • Promotional, wholesale price
    • Transport price – additional payment for shipment of goods (option to multiply the shipping price by the number of items)
    • Percentage commission
    • Product price for points (buy for a specific number of points)
    • VAT tax
    • PKWiU code
    • Product availability status
    • Activity
    • Warehouse – inventory control
    • Sales unit
    • Availability levels (information for the customer): low, medium, a lot
    • Minimum and maximum quantity of the product ordered
    • EAN code, catalogue index, manufacturer’s index, wholesale, wholesale code
    • Product weight
    • RSS channel
    • Allow price negotiation
    • Product display: home page (highlighted), home page, new
    • Slogan
    • Product series
    • Video clips (YouTube, Vimeo) and a description
    • SEO parameters: title, description, keywords
    • Visibility of the product in price comparison engines
    • Permanent product features – information defining the characteristics of the product (the ability to filter the search results by the customer, with these parameters)
    • Product features – parameters defining the product, e.g., size, colour – setting prices, weight, minimum and maximum quantity of ordered product, index, photo
    • possibility of introducing 3 related features
    • entering prices of final product variants (previously price difference)
    • entering prices of final variants in currencies
    • entering promotional prices for product variants
    • Files for the product with the possibility of their downloading from the product card
    • Product comments and approval
    • Statistics: date of creation, modification, number of visits, orders, sold items, pending, storage
    • Online store allows you to create sets of products (set price, inventory control, tax, additional shipping price, activity)
    • Preview of products displayed on the home page, promotions, news
    • Product statuses, defining customer purchase opportunities
    • Moving products between categories
    • Preview products with additional categories and photos
    • Preview products with stock levels, activity and availability status
    • A group of related products displayed on the product card, other products from the group
    • Setting the features: name, display priority, images, additional payments
    • Import and export of fixed prices
    • Product availability in the selected price comparison engines
    • Import and Export of products from the CSV file (with or without fixed features), reports
    • Notification about products with minimum inventory
    • Price of the product on the quantity of ordered items
    • Search suggestions for products in the fast search engines
    • the “Bestseller” option – possibility of manual setting
  1. Customers
  • Overview of registered customers (customer data, shipment data – data editing option)
    • Setting the discount for products
    • The amount of all orders
    • A system for sending and reviewing a mail to the customer
    • Account blockade/activation, changing a password
    • Notes to the customer visible by administrations
    • Notes to the customer visible by the customer and administrations
    • List of orders placed by the customer
    • The login function to the online store to the customer’s account by administration (without entering a password)
    • Overview of unregistered customers, one-time purchases
    • Setting customer groups and discounts for the selected categories and manufacturers
    • Import and export of e-mail database: registered, one-time, all
    • Customer’s consent to receive a survey from opinion systems
  1. Orders
  • Order overview by status:
    – not approved (optional)
    – pre-payment: pending payment, paid
    – cash on delivery: to be sent, sent
    – personal collection: in preparation, to be picked up
    – completed, rejected, all, deleted.
    • Orders archive
    • Adding orders for the customer (product/customer search engine), setting payment and shipment
    • Document buffers: shipments to be sent to the courier company
    • Review of payments made by PayU, DotPay, PayByNet
    • Approving orders (optional)
    • Advanced order engines
    • Online store allows you to preview the order
    • Detailed information about the order
    • E-mail and text notifications when changing the order status
    • Automatic checking of orders as completed (with electronic payments)
    • Saving and sending a consignment note number (by couriers)
    • Bulk sending of information to couriers about orders
    • Display of information about the selected document by the customer: receipt, invoice
    • Generating a proforma VAT invoice and VAT invoices for orders
    • Source of the order
    • Comments for the order
    • Remembering the shopping cart for a registered customer
    • Remembering the form fields during the ordering process
    • Automatic redirecting to the online payment (from the order summary)
  1. Menu boxes
  • Managing menu boxes (removing, adding, editing), appearing in the right and left column of the store
    • Setting the order, visibility, page (right/left)
    • System menu box settings: cart preview, categories, search engine, series, recently added, waiting room, manufacturers, product comparison engine, filtering by fixed features, news, promotions, newsletter, bestsellers, reviews
    • Creating own menu boxes, with any text content, editing by the visual editor
    Content management
    • Link settings at the top and bottom of the page, displaying order
    • System links (e.g. home page, manufacturers, comments, etc.)
    • Links to articles in the store
    • Individual links to any URL address
    • Static pages management, e.g. information about delivery
    • Management of the system pages – contact, regulations, FAQ
    • Assigning a subpage type, e.g., an article on the news page
    • Editing error pages, message in the event of a customer not finding a page, etc.
    • SEO parameters: title, description, keywords
    • Categories of articles
    • Individual tags, by entering them in the template, the content is automatically changed into another
    • Message for shop customers, displayed in the window after entering the online store
  1. Invoices
  • Vat invoices: original, copy, duplicate, correction
    • FV proforma automatically after placing the order (for pre-payment with a bank transfer)
    • FV after placing an order (generated by the administration)
    • Advanced FV search engine by customer, document numbers, time intervals
    • Sending documents by e-mail in PDF, possibility of printing
    • Automatic or manual document numbering
  1. Advertising banners
  • Managing banner groups (deleting, adding, editing)
    • Adding banners to groups including:
    – Upload a picture from a file
    – Name of the picture
    – Link to the selected page
    – Time interval of banner visibility
    – Maximum number of views
    – Settings (width/height) of the banner
    • CStore online stores allow you to view banners, number of hits and clicks, CTR, activity settings
  • Product comments, acceptance by the administration
    • Order comments, acceptance by the administration
    • Removing comments
  1. Language versions and currencies
  • Managing language versions, adding/removing languages
    • Settings for the language name, code, flag, activity
    • Assigning dedicated CSS styles available only for a given language version
    • Edition of store translations: original name and name in the selected language
    • Tax zones: country and tax
    • Managing currencies (adding/removing)
    • Automatic download of the exchange rate from the NBP or manual entry
    • Assigning currencies to languages
    • Setting exchange rate thresholds (from, to, exchange rate, currency)
    • Setting products translations, categories, manufacturers, articles, system contents
  1. Newsletter
  • Sending the newsletter to a selected group of customers:
    – newsletter customers
    – registered
    – unregistered
    – everyone
    – defined customer groups
    • Test sending of an e-mail to the administration
    • Review of the list of e-mails subscribed to the newsletter
    • Importing the list of e-mails to the newsletter
    • Text message newsletter (selection of a customer group, type of a message, content)


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