Why CStore

  1. Focused – We are an eCommerce B2B company, what we’ve been doing for 16 years
  2. End-to-end ownership of the onboarding process – Team of experts dedicated to your project will guide you from start to finish, we won’t send you to the self-service portal
  3. Cost Effective – Top expertise at a fraction of the cost
  4. Compatible – Highly integrated and customizable platform
  5. Quick – Ready to deploy
  6. Peace of mind – Performance, security and compliance
  7. Easy to own – Cloud based SaaS solution
  8. Solution portfolio focused on feature rich, secure and scalable, cloud based eCommerce B2B platforms
  9. Virtually unlimited customization to accommodate unique needs of every client
  10. Lower development and hosting charges without compromising the deployment speed and quality – Onshore presence, offshore pricing, team of world-class experts
  11. Vast array of integration options ranging from leading commercial ERP, WMS and CRM platforms to highly customized solutions
  12. Over a decade of experience delivering B2B and B2C platforms to a large and diverse pool of customers representing variety of business verticals
  13. Steady and consistent growth, while maintaining focus on eCommerce solution portfolio
  14. Right solution for virtually every type and size of a company, proven to perform under variety of workloads and designed to exceed cybersecurity and regulatory compliance requirements
  15. Personalized customer experience – Our experts are deeply engaged throughout the duration of every project and always available to assist after the platforms are launched

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