B2B wholesale platform

B2B (Business-to-business) platform is an eCommerce software solution designed specifically for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. It can also accommodate similar organizations conducting business with other companies

Convenience and speed of order fulfillment are some of the greatest advantages of e-commerce. Nowadays, in order to meet the customers’ expectations and avoid falling behind the competition, it is necessary to embrace new technologies, such as CStore sales automation platforms. B2B solutions put the business customers first, offering them intuitive, fast and secure B2C-like ecommerce experience and CStore is no exception, enabling quick order processing via dedicated client portal.


The website explains all the features of the B2B system with additional modules. Please reference the package descriptions to learn what options will be enabled on your wholesale platform.


Benefits of B2B eCommerce platform

  1. Automation of tasks and activities, contributing to increased quality of the entire order processing cycle, ultimately resulting in positive financial outcomes
  2. Freeing up the time of employees responsible for sales and order processing
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Real time order status and customer service inquiry lookup
  5. Around the clock access to the product and service catalog
  6. Streamlining invoicing and payment process
  7. Improved client engagement and communication capabilities
  8. Access convenience – B2B platforms are available 24/7
  9. Fast and intuitive – Save time
  10. Sales volume increase due to system efficiency and level of integration

B2B platform is fully integrated with popular ERP and Warehouse Management applications, including:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)
  2. Comarch ERP XL, Comarch Altum, Comarch Optima
  3. SAP Business One, SAP ERP EHP
  4. Subiekt Nexo, Subiekt GT
  5. Asseco Safo, Asseco Wfmag / Wapro Mag,
  6. Enova
  7. Navireo
  8. Iluo Premium
  9. PC-Market Infosoft
  10. Small Business Symplex

Data synchronization:

Data synchronization areas:
– Assortment (product information, name, index, attributes, descriptions, photos, etc…)
– Customer records
– Stock, Inventory
– Customer specific price lists
– Offers
– Orders and their fulfilment status
– Invoices, Settlements
– Available balance, credit limits
– Returns, complains
– Additional information download

The key modules included in the CStore B2B platform

1. Catalog access for logged-off clients.

The customer who’s not logged in is able to view the product catalog and access designated information. The feature does not allow to place orders, view prices or inventory

2. New customer registration.

New customer can use the system to register and request administrator approval, who can activate the account and assign it to the selected discount group.

3. Individual discount thresholds and prices.

Information on discount levels and prices (including wholesale prices, percentage discount on a group of products, individual price per product and others) is downloaded from the financial/ERP application. It is also possible to set prices and customer groups at the B2B platform level.

4. Term payments.

When placing an order, the customer has information on the payment due date, consistent with the settings in the financial/ERP application.

5. Stocks and date of availability.

The customer has ability to see the available inventory and access information about stock replenishment dates

6. Credit limits and balance.

Option to place orders within, or above the credit limit based on merchant’s approval

7. Order and invoices history

Ability to access the list of orders and invoices including the amount, payment dates, status of the invoice and the option to download them in PDF format

8. Multichannel interaction options.

Contact the business by phone, email or chat.

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