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Why CStore

  1. Focused – We are an eCommerce B2B company, what we’ve been doing for 16 years
  2. End-to-end ownership of the onboarding process – Team of experts dedicated to your project will guide you from start to finish,

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A ready CStore store – software for B2B e-commerce

A ready CStore store is the best offer for people looking for a proven, fast and modern solution enabling them to sell online.

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B2B wholesale platform

B2B (Business-to-business) platform is an eCommerce software solution designed specifically for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. It can also accommodate similar organizations conducting business with other companies

Convenience and speed of order fulfillment are some of the greatest advantages of e-commerce.

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Website privacy policy


Zależy nam na ochronie Twojej prywatności i chcemy, abyś w czasie korzystania z naszych usług czuł się pewnie.

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Site Map

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Reseller Program

The Reseller CStore program has been prepared for companies that are looking for proven solutions for their customers in the area of ​​e-commerce,

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Integration of B2B platform with wholesalers

Online store systems allow you to manage the shopping site. When a store sells an assortment that it physically owns,

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Integrations with ERP programs

Integration with a warehouse program involves downloading information from a warehouse program about products and sending it to an online store where the product catalogues are created.

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Price comparison

The CStore online store software allows you to, among others:

  • Change the category settings, products that are available in a given comparison
  • A list of all links for comparison engines to generate and download offers from the store
  • Integrated comparison engines: Google Shopping

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Discounts and discount codes

The CStore online store software allows, among others, for the following discounts:

• Percentage discounts on the amount of the order (discount name,

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